Want to be a social media 'Boss'?

In the world of 'likes,' 'follows,' and 'friends,' we can help you engage conversation with your customers and clients.

Somebody who gets it

If you are a church or non-profit leader trying to navigate the constantly-shifting winds of marketing and new media, trust your vision and reputation to an experienced professional who has sailed that route.

We put the 'full' in 'full service'

Copy, video, radio, web, mobile, social...we've got the media-industrial complex covered.

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  • Getting your business, church or non-profit on the web doesn't have to be scary, or expensive.

    Way too many small business owners or non-profit leaders have had terrible experiences with their web sites. Deadlines missed, amateurs doing design, or invoices full of lots of "zeros." NatalieMedia has proven future-proof web solutions that could cost less than a single 1/4-page ad in a mid-sized newspaper.

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  • Web Development and Design

    We can take you through the entire web site process from brainstorming concepts through design and build out to training and maintenance.

  • We Get Results

    It's one thing to have a pretty web site; it's another to have it work for you. Our focus is traffic, sales, inquiries, donors.

  • Unmatched Support

    Much as you have to get the job done for your clients and constituents, so do we. Empathy, respect and the ability to get it right.