Keeping on top of Erie’s initatives

As an active member of the Destination Erie (now Emerge 2040) public forums, I learned that there are quite a few collaborative initiatives currently going intended to move our Erie region forward.

So many that it is hard for me, and perhaps you to keep them straight. So as a fun thing to do on a rainy vacation day, I decided to start a list of the community-wide initiatives, what they are all about, and who is behind them. What I’m listing are collaborative efforts by more than one agency or nonprofit, not just programming from single entities.

The Nativity Scene

I wrote this Christmas reflection back in 2003 as a letter to our supporters at WCTL. Just recently I ran across this newsletter on a web archive and wanted to share it with you for the Christmas season. Merry Christmas!

Growing up, the most cherished decoration in my family’s Christmas celebration was the ceramic Nativity scene underneath the tree. The other evening I asked my mother about the story behind the set.

GLS 2013: Andy Stanley – Closing Session

Jesus asked, “who do people say I am?” “What about you guys?” Peter: “I think you are the Christ.” Jesus says, “on this rock, I’ll build an assembly and nothing even death won’t stop it.”

It’s so unfortunate that church showed up in our language. Jesus predicted a people, a movement, a gathering, an assembly, a growing group of people.

The common ground that all denominations have in common, the only thing is that Jesus is the Christ and formed that gathering that nothing can stop.

At the ascension, Jesus says “go make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” Then he left! How did we survive? How did it work?

GLS 2013: Dr. Henry Cloud – Reversing the Death Spiral of a Leader

The reality about leadership is that despite all the learning, we have to do it and we end up in the land in between.

Leaders take the stewardship of what’s God’s given them, and exert their energy to make things happen; they do hard things.

But the hardest thing a leader does is take care of him or her self. Many times leaders end up in a downward spiral because they can’t take care of themselves. Leaders who take control and stop their spiral think, feel and behave differently than those who spiral out.

The biggest factor to get from here to there is whether or not you believe it could happen. Even when you get into a circumstance when they realize they are out of control.

GLS 2013: Oscar Muriu – Viral Leadership: Multiplying Your Impact Exponentially

Nairobi Chapel – the vision is planting multiple churches in countries around the world, not just Africa

Five Convictions – how to multiply leaders

  1. Matt. 9:37-38 – “Harvest is plentiful…” The size of your harvest depends on how many leaders you have. The more harvesters we commission to the field, the greater harvest we will receive
  2. Psalm 71:18 – “Even when I’m old and gray…” Live for the next generation. There is a problem when you live for your own generation, your vision will die with your own generation. You have to invest your vision into the next generation.
  3. Num. 11:10-17 – “Moses heard the people…” Identify the budding leaders around you and take them to God in prayer. Hit list – find the young leaders and pray them into ministry.
  4. Mark 12:30-33 – “Love the Lord your God…” Instill the five loves into your budding leaders: Love the Lord: heart, soul, mind & strength, love your neighbor
    • All your heart – character
    • All your soul – conviction
    • All your mind – comprehension
    • All your strength – competence
    • Your neighbor – compassion
  5. Acts 4:13 – “When they saw the courage…” Never do ministry alone. Always have budding leaders around you. Let them be the fly on the wall, bring them to your meetings, if you have a spare room, let them live with you for a year.

Over the years 500 young men and women have gone through his mentorship and leadership development program.

The more harvesters you have the larger your harvest will be.

GLS 2013: Dr. Brene Brown – Daring Greatly

She works with CEO’s on vulnerability, courage, shame, how we feel, what we believe, how that drives behavior.

I don’t study leaders, I study people!

The irreducible needs of people:

  • Love
  • Belonging

In their absence there is suffering.

GLS 2013: Vijay Govindarajan – The Innovation Challenge: Getting It Right

Strategy is Innovation

Box 1 – Manage the present

Box 2 – Selective forget the past

Box 3 – Create the future

Competition for the future is innovation

We have to improve ongoing operations for efficiency, but must think about the future through innovation

Dominate logic – is extremely useful for current operations, but puts up barriers for the future – must be overcome.

Innovation is more than ideas, but executing or commercializing creativity (1% inspiration, 99% perspiration)

Innovation = idea + leader + team + plan