Monthly Archives: November 2006

How bad was the election coverage on Tuesday night?

It was really bad!
I mostly watched NBC, MSNBC and Fox News Channel and I got no sense of the drama unfolding. This was the biggest story of the year, and there was very little story or strong analysis like we saw in 2004. The timing of the projection calls seemed very inconsistent and done with little organization or fanfare. I’m comparing this to the last two Presidential elections, plus my memory of 1994 when there was strong analysis (and Peter Jennings’ pouting) of the Republican revolution.
I still don’t have it straight–did the GOP get voted out because of Iraq or perceived corruption? Nothing from the exit polling reporting fleshed that out. Remember how defined voter sentiment was portrayed in 2004? Very murky here in my opinion.
Finally, the weirdest moment I saw was on MSNBC when Joe Scarborough was ranting on about what he called attacks on his character by Chris Matthews who was sitting 6 feet away from him. At one point Andrea Mitchell had to break it up and ask them to “be nice”! Surreal.

You’ve got to vote

I hit the polls just before 9:00 this morning and much to my chagrin, I was only number 49 on the list. Two years ago voting at about the same time, I was right around 300! This doesn’t bode well…you’ve got to vote.

Think about voting does. It gives you power, even when if when you look at the issues of the day, you feel powerless. Think about the close elections of recent years, talk to Dale McBride about that.

It’s a drizzly, gray day, so what else are you going to do? You’ve got to vote.