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Sunday Setlist: November 15-McLane Church, Erie ‘church-in-a-bar’

Believe it or not, but this was my first chance to lead worship at our Erie site of McLane Church, which happens to meet Sunday evenings at 5:00 at The Cell Block, which is a very large bar. Thus the nickname, “church-in-a-bar.”

The great thing about that environment in the center of the city is the pallatable “turning back the darkness” experience that you feel as you worship the Savior. And indeed we did worship!

The small and stellar band:

  • Ron Yarmin: Acoustic Guitar
  • Brian Boleratz: Bass
  • Brandt Fuller (Dir. of Worship): Acoustic Guitar/Vocals
  • Joel Natalie: Worship Leader/Vocals

The familiarity of the set had them singing:

  • Friend of God/Phillips, Craig & Dean
  • Medley in E:
    • Open the Eyes of My Heart
    • Sometimes By Step (just chorus & alt chorus)
    • Here I Am to Worship (chorus & bridge only)
  • Wonderful, Merciful, Savior/Selah (a bit faster & fuller than recording)
  • Revelation Song

Thanks for the privilege to be with everyone at “church-in-a-bar!”

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City Council: bullet vote for Tim Butler

It technically isn’t “Taxation without Representation,” but it has been 14 years since a Republican sat on Erie City Council. So as one of the 25% of voters who live in the city and have an “R” after my name, it can be easy to feel disenfranchised by the those who are obligated to represent all of us. Often the values of limited government, low taxes, more efficency and less bureaucracy are not priorities by a local government comprised totally of elected officials from the Democrat party.

Tim Butler

Most of the time, there are no Republican choices offered in city races, however this year we do have a real choice for City Council: Tim Butler. Tim has an excellent grasp of the challenges facing the City of Erie, and has a strong, effective agenda for taking on the problems head on. His experience as a local staffer for Sen. Rick Santorum shows that he understands the political landscape and can work effectively with all of the players.

Of course, we can vote for four council members in this general election. But with the lopsided registration tally for the Democrats, accompanied by great numbers of those that will just press the big Democrat button, it is very difficult for anyone outside the Dems to rank in the top four vote-getters to win a City Council seat.

That’s why I intend to, and want to encourage other city voters to vote only for Tim Butler for City Council. Those who wish Tim to win should not defeat their own efforts by adding to the vote totals of other candidates. Instead, “bullet vote” for Butler and no one else and give his fresh new voice a fighting chance…for a new Erie.

Sunday Setlist: October 31-November 1-McLane Church, Edinboro, PA

Our band of musicians and vocalists once again had the wonderful privilege to lead worship at the Edinboro site of McLane Church this weekend. We continued our series on the Old Testament on Nehemiah, as Bill Cox preached a message on confession.

We welcomed visiting Spanish River Church worship leader Ashley  Bowersox on vocals, who sang a stirring lead on “Amazed.”

We closed the service introducing the incredibly powerful song from Pastor Ross Parsley and New Life Worship titled “Overcome.” I get the feeling that this anthem will make a huge impact on our congregation.

Here’s the band:

  • David Van Matre: Electric Guitar
  • Brandt Fuller (Dir. of Worship): Acoustic Guitar/Vocals
  • Brian Van Matre: Keyboards
  • John Gersims: Drums
  • Jared Leininger: Bass
  • Ashley Bowersox: Vocals
  • Joel Natalie: Worship Leader/Vocals

And the set:

  • Let God Arise/Chris Tomlin
  • Forever/Chris Tomlin
  • Never Gonna Stop/Tommy Walker
  • Amazed/Desperation Band
  • Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)/Chris Tomlin
  • Overcome/This Is My Story/New Life Worship\

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