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What are children waking up to this Christmas morning?

It’s 6:00 on Christmas morning. A magical hour, with the Christmas tree ablaze and no sound except the furnace blowing, and the muted “tap, tap” of my laptop keyboard.

I can’t sleep, even though I only went to bed a few hours ago. The music from our Christmas Eve services at church last night are running through my head on a continuous loop; “Come let us adore Him!”

As I look around the tree at all of the presents I’m amazed again at how blessed my family is. Not because of the stuff, but because of the love and thought behind it. I’m thankful for the grace and caring that keeps this home intact and covered with love. I’m truly thankful for God for this moment.

My thoughts this morning have also turned to what other kids are waking up to this morning on Christmas here in Erie.

Erie’s countdown to the new decade

Erie County PA 1895

Erie County PA 1895

If you were to look at a movie of my life 10 years ago, you would have seen me scrambling to make provisions for Christmas broadcasts and coverage of First Night-Erie and the Y2K date change as part of my management job at WCTL. At home I had two active elementary school-aged boys and a pregnant wife getting ready to deliver our Millennial Baby.

Let your lens widen out to the Erie community at large and you would have seen an optimistic community, ready to head into the new century tackling our challenges and accepting responsibility to make change. Soon after New Year’s, the region through the Economic Development Corp. of Erie County engaged Brian Bosworth to do a comprehensive 12-month study and propose a developmental strategy for the future.

The much-referred-to Bosworth Report was released on October 16, 2001 and it gave a frank assessment of where our region stood and where it needed to go. Plenty of Erie stakeholders were involved in providing input into his findings, delineated by a 13 point Executive Summary.