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Who is Ed Franz and why am I voting for him for Congress?

This is a strange election year. Usually mid-term elections don’t generate a lot of interest, and often there are few competitive races on the ballot.

Not so in 2010.

Besides state-wide races for Governor/Lt. Governor, and U.S. Senate, this year is up for grabs in the Third Congressional District of PA. The incumbent is freshman congresswoman Kathy Dahlkemper, who faces one primary challenge. However, the big horse race is on the Republican side, where six contenders want to be the nominee.

If you watch much local television you would think that there are only two candidates in that race: Paul Huber, and Mike Kelly. Those two have a full-blown media cat fight going on ripping each other to shreds. I would encourage you to reject both of them; their money and nasty campaigns.

Ed Franz for Congress-PA 3

Let me tell you about a citizen/statesman if there ever was one: Ed Franz. Ed is one of us; a blue-collar guy that works “at the GE.” He’s been a lifelong veteran of grassroots campaigns; the “go-to” guy for conservatives over the years trying to win Crawford County. He has a firm grasp of the challenges and ill-fated decisions our government is making and has a plan for action. He’s also independent-minded enough not to get sucked-into the Washington establishment debacle; an unfortunate fact of Cong. Dahlkemper’s tenure so-far.

Ed has long-standing pro-life and pro-family credentials…and he is just an honest, down-to-earth, passionate guy who would truly represent the values I hold dear.

If you are a Republican in PA-3, when you go to the polls look for Ed Franz at position #5 on the ballot.