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Post-election let down: no jumping for joy

I’ve had a curious demeanor since Tuesday night.

I’m not finding myself jumping for joy over the election returns and the massive Republican wave in the midterm elections. No Woods-ian fist pumps in the air, or high-fives to other conservatives…actually more nervousness and melancholy.

Before my GOP friends start freaking out and saying “he’s gone soft,” I must affirm that I’m still a believer in conservative values, less government, balanced budgets, pro-family values. I think that the last two years of single-party rule has been an orgy of overreach. Still I’m not convinced that this massive repudiation of the lib agenda is going to make life easier for everyday Americans anytime soon.

Actually, there is enough blame and has been enough “overreach” in the past ten years to go around for everyone. As I said on Facebook on a liberal friend’s rather heated thread about this week’s doin’s:

I’m convinced that these things are pendulums (Sr. Bertha’s Latin class: pendula) that swing from one side of the continuum to the other and they always lead to excess and overreach. On the “rich” side we have the Wall Street-Washington coercion, the bailouts and the tax loopholes and the insane CEO salaries. On the “poor” side we have $68 billion a year in Medicare fraud, spent $7 Trillion in aid since the great society yet poverty is static to growing, a crumbling infrastructure especially in urban areas controlled by generations of corruption and incompetence. And all we get is every two years intellectually offensive campaigns by politicians who pander to the base in the primaries then run away from their convictions to win in the general, followed by a cynical media so lazy that they take their orders from the NY Times and amplify stupidity like “Man-up!” and ignore real investigation and balance.

And to think our fathers and grandfathers gave up their adolescence and often their lives in service to save our country and civilization for this?!?!

I’m beginning to think that Rush is right…there exists a “ruling class” of both Democrats and Republicans who play some enormously high-stakes game of slam…feigned indignation and counter-slam; mixed with contempt for the “great unwashed.”

What could break me out of my sourness? The mandate I wanted to send with my vote is to remove the uncertainty about taxes and regulations on small business so that hiring can begin again. If you are going to lift the tax break on the >$250K then just do it. The wishy-washyness is killing the decision-makers. There continues to be good work that the government can do. Any remaining stimulus should be used to for schools and bridges, like it should have been in the first place. Finally, the entire budget has to be “on the table”: entitlements, defense, the whole works. No more corporate welfare…and middle-class welfare either. There are no sacred cows. A clear course to balancing the budget and fixing our structural deficits could be the silver bullet to get us out of this downturn to head to another “morning again” moment.

That would deserve a “yeah, baby!”