Biography of Joel Natalie

Joel NatalieMeet a 30-year veteran with the knowledge and experience to make a difference in your organization.

  • Fourteen years as General Manager for nationally-known, award-winning and top rated Christian Adult Contemporary station
  • Five years as a Marketing Director for the leading broadcast marketing firm in the industry
  • For over seven years and currently Director of Communications and Technology for one of the fastest growing evangelical churches in his home region
  • Specialties: Commercial writing, video and audio production, web design, strategic planning, marketing campaign design, creative problem solving, client empathy, defining markets.

I'm an old school media guy excited by the new media world. I'm a firm believer in beautifully-balanced communication, where there is strong understanding and empathy for the receiver, along with the clever writing and smart design. I don't think newspapers, TV, and radio are dead, but I also don't think that old media companies are spending enough on fully-integrating their brands in the online space.
I believe that the church and faith-based organizations should out of complete understanding of their mission have the finest communication, utilizing all media available and totally embracing all the possibilities in spreading the Gospel. I plan on helping as many as will listen toward that end.

~ Joel

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